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Healthy people = healthy bottom lines

Wello gives your employees convenient access to incredible healthcare and lowers your costs at the same time.

Healthy employees do amazing things.

Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism while building a positive corporate culture.

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Give your employees convenient health care.

With Wello virtual healthcare, better health is never more than a click away.

Your employees will have access to healthcare at their finger tips, 24/7. They can book a phone or video appointment for themselves or a family member.

We are here to help your employees with chronic illness management, mental health guidance, and even health and nutrition advice.

Healthy employees = Healthy business

Prescriptions and referrals when medically necessary

Lab and diagnostic tests

Acute and chronic conditions

Urgent care issues and injuries

Treatment for illnesses like infections, rashes, colds and flu

24/7 on call support for urgent care

Mental health support

Health education and coaching

Disease prevention

Infant, child and teen health

Care advice for elders

Support while travelling and vaccine advice

Get well.

Prescription refills**
Specialist referrals**
Diagnostic tests**
Flus and colds
Upper respiratory infections
Minor injuries and wounds
Skin rashes

Keep well.

Mental health advice and referrals (depression, addiction and eating disorders and transition anxiety)
Travel and vaccine advice
Health education and coaching
Burnout concerns
Prenatal advice
Nutrition and exercise plans
Health promotion and disease prevention
Early childhood development
Child and teen health
Menopause counselling
Retirement anxiety
Care advice for elders

** when medically necessary

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Wello is easy for both employees and program administrators

Integrate Wello simply and seamlessly

Wello fits easily into your company’s existing health benefits plan – no need to revamp your benefits program (phew!).

Get actionable data and customize your internal health and wellness strategies

Improve your company’s health using business intelligence data.

Engage and educate your employees

We partner with you to onboard employees, offering education and tips so they become health and wellness champions too.

See if Wello is a fit for you

We offer introductory trials so you can try it out and adopt Wello into your existing benefits programs, risk-free.

Healthy employees do amazing things.

Reduce employee absenteeism and other related medical costs.

The estimated direct cost of absenteeism to the Canadian economy is $16.6 billion. (How much is absenteeism costing you?) Source: Conference Board of Canada

Save your employees time, stress and travel, and increase their access to care.

No more waiting rooms! Over 75% of Canadians would use virtual healthcare to address specific health concerns, non-urgent medical conditions, prescriptions, referrals, follow-ups, travel and after-hours support. Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies Research Group, 2018

Attract and retain employees with an innovative health benefit.

Give your team benefits to brag about. 74% of Canadian workers say that better health benefits are as important or more important than higher wages/salary. Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies Research Group, 2018

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Wello is backed by 40 years of excellence in healthcare.

Our parent company, INLIV, has over 40 years of experience in award-winning corporate medical care and medical compliance, so you know you’re in good hands.

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