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A concerned dad called Wello worried about his son who had been ill since that morning. The toddler had an extremely high fever of 39.5 C, was fussy, tired, and had been vomiting. The worried father had tried everything he could think of to comfort his son—including providing plenty of fluids and acetaminophen to try to lower the fever. When the child could not keep down any fluids or medication, the dad booked an appointment with Wello.

During his phone appointment, our Wello Nurse Practitioner completed a thorough health assessment and obtained a detailed history of the toddler’s condition.

Based on her assessment, due to the progression in symptoms and the toddler’s inability to tolerate any medication or fluids, the nurse practitioner determined that the toddler required a physical exam to further assess the clinical situation. The Nurse Practitioner advised the father that his son required a practitioner to complete his vital signs, assess his throat and ears, listen to his lungs and cardiac sounds, and as well assess his abdomen for any abnormal findings. She instructed the father to seek an additional in-person medical assessment for her son.

Medical support and education eased the dad’s worry

Our Wello Nurse Practitioner provided the dad with the teaching, education, and support that he needed to access the next steps in obtaining a physical exam for his son. This education and support included information on what to expect, as well, the nurse practitioner was able to provide some differential diagnoses as to what she thought the medical issue was. This allowed the father to guide his responses and questions to the medical practitioner team that ended up assessing his child.

 “I got some great instruction for my sick 18-month-old and ultimately got to the walk-in clinic during regular hours. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I had waited until the middle of the night.”

Even though the father still had to seek additional medical treatment for his son, our Wello team was able to guide him to ensure that he sought medical attention in a timely manner, validated his feelings and concerns about his son, and prepared him for what to expect in his next steps seeking medical attention for his son.

During the appointment, our Wello Nurse Practitioner:

  • Completed a thorough health assessment
  • Obtained a detailed history of the child’s condition
  • Provided differential diagnoses on the medical issue
  • Armed the parent with information for what to expect in terms of next steps

Does your child’s fever require medical attention? Read these tips to help you decide when it’s time to contact a medical practitioner.

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