Happy International Women’s Day! From Florence Nightingale in the 1800s to our very own Wello Nurse Practitioners and Medical Care Coordinators, today we honour the women in healthcare who have paved the way for future generations. We asked these inspiring women what led them to pursue careers in healthcare, as well as what advice they would give to women entering this field:

Q: Is there an inspiring memory or experience you can recall that reaffirmed your choice to pursue a career in healthcare?

 “The journey that I took to obtain my NP allowed me to work with lots of great colleagues, and a lot of great patients, who have had great experiences. Now I am in a career I enjoy and am working with colleagues I consider friends.”Rachel S., Wello Nurse Practitioner

“I have been a part of people’s lives ranging from prenatal to providing Palliative care as a Nurse Practitioner with Wello. Some of the most impactful care moments have involved complex or unresponsive conditions such as infertility, cancer, and chronic pain where we’ve been able to find solutions, treatments, specialists, even new therapies to change these people’s lives.” Kayla K., Wello Nurse Practitioner

Q: What is the one thing you wish you knew when you were just starting in the healthcare industry?

“Working in the healthcare industry can be both physically and emotionally exhausting at times, but at the end of the day helping clients through their health journey is extremely rewarding. Whether it is helping a client when they are most vulnerable, the day-to-day health teachings, or helping to bring a baby into the world, you are truly able to make a vast difference and impact in someone’s life. –Stefanie O., Wello Nurse Practitioner

“I wish I knew how many opportunities there are within each area. Things are always changing. There are lots of chances to evolve and learn.” –Rachel S., Wello Nurse Practitioner

 Q: What inspired you to choose a career in healthcare?

 “My mother is a nurse and my father, after having been a medic in the military for many years, works in ophthalmology. I was always amazed by their desire and ability to help others, both in their professions and everyday life. They always made the effort to help others whenever they could, and I wanted to contribute to the world in that same way.”Eden S., Wello Medical Care Coordinator

“I was a patient frequently as a teen. Being in and out of hospitals, and between caregivers, for several years was impactful on my development. As a result of these experiences, I directly took a dive into the medical field, choosing to begin my nursing career as a high school graduate.” Kayla K., Wello Nurse Practitioner

Q: What advice would you give to women entering into healthcare professions?

“Women have profoundly changed the face of healthcare over the years, starting with Florence Nightingale in the 1800s! You can too!”Stefanie O., Wello Nurse Practitioner

“Look after yourself! Burnout is very real, in healthcare professions especially, as we often give so much of ourselves over to our work. We care, and that is probably the biggest reason why we chose to enter into the healthcare field. However, with that intense care and empathy, we have to look after and take care of ourselves, first and foremost, and in turn, be able to provide the best possible care to others.Eden S., Wello Medical Care Coordinator

“Be open to all possibilities,  don’t let your self feel stuck or bored in your job. Change is exciting!”Rachel S., Wello Nurse Practitioner