CEO Vince Danielsen featured on “The Feed:” Wello and innovation in virtual healthcare   

CEO Vince Danielsen’s mission is to share the Wello story across Canada! Just a few weeks ago he spoke with Amber Mac and Michael B on The Feed about the benefits of virtual healthcare. During the feature, Vince explained how Wello supports the healthcare needs of Canadians through its care anytime and anywhere model which provides a streamlined, time-saving customer experience.   

“With virtual healthcare, you’re able to do much of what you’d normally see your family physician for. And you can do that in under 15 minutes by live chat or on video or phone appointments.”

From the treatment of common colds and flus, to episodic support with prescription refills, to helping people manage acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, Wello covers the full continuum of care.

Wello helps Canadians live their best and healthiest lives with the convenience of “at-your-fingertips” technology. When asked about the privacy of the platform, Vince explained how Wello’s medically compliant technology is overseen by medical experts.

“You’ve got medical oversight, you’ve got excellent technology and compliance.”

Vince is a big proponent of Canada’s public healthcare system, which saved his life when he was a 15-year-old battling cancer. He sees Wello as an innovation to support the burden on the existing healthcare system.

“The public system has a lot to take care of. It has very urgent medical needs, opening up hospitals, diagnostics, and the whole works.”

Offering a secure and private patient portal where clients can access their own medical records, is just one of the ways Wello is innovating healthcare. The portal includes: 

“…your diagnostics, your lab, your health results. You can access all the information at your fingertips. When you’re going to see a specialist, you can bring that information up for you and your family.” 

Vince, who played professional football for the Calgary Stampeders for eight years, sees healthcare as a team effort. This team effort includes your pharmacist, specialist, family doctor, nurse practitioner, and benefits providers who all play a key role in delivering expert medical care.  

“When you’re able to bring them all together for people, through technology and great processes, you can create better results. That’s no different from sports when you’re running down the field with your team as a receiver or a quarterback.”

Thank you to Amber Mac and Michael B on The Feed  for including us on your show. Want to learn more about Wello and how we’re supporting healthy teams? 

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