Virtual Healthcare is Here: Wello CEO, Vince Danielsen on ‘What She Said!’

“Wello is a new virtual healthcare service that brings medical care to people on live chat, video, and phone…[with] nurse practitioners [who] can diagnose, treat, and prescribe”.

That’s just some of what Wello CEO Vince Danielsen had to say when he caught up with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler on a recently aired ‘What She Said!’ radio show.

The segment, which aired the same week as Wello launched in Ontario, introduces our virtual healthcare service and tackles questions around how it works. When asked who can benefit from the service, Vince was quick to answer:

“All of us who juggle our lives and timing …When you have to go to the doctor’s office, you drive, you wait in waiting rooms. With virtual care, we can manage 80 percent of those visits and we can do them in under 15 minutes.” 

Wello improves healthcare access for people who are working and living remotely. As Vince explained:

“There are a lot of remote workers in Canada. The statistics show that 50 percent of people are working two and a half days from home. With remote workers, we need more choices. Wello gives that to them and gives it to them in a really convenient way.” 

Vince had nothing but praise for Wello’s Nurse Practitioners, who can provide everything from prescription refills and health advice to follow-up care for chronic conditions such as diabetes. He said Wello’s accessibility, combined with the holistic, wellness-focused approach of its nurse practitioners, meant Canadians can tackle health problems earlier. Vince also spoke about his personal drive to help people live their best and healthiest lives. Drawing on his own experience as a cancer survivor, Vince said the amazing nurses who cared for him were a huge inspiration for Wello.

“I had great doctors when I went through cancer care …  the beauty of it was the nurses, it was the empathy and listening skills of nurses, its why we use nurse practitioners … [they] will work with family doctors, they’ll work with pharmacists, and they’ll work with specialists.”

Vince also spoke about the scope of nurse practitioners. 

“Nurse practitioners and any health providers have a certain scope that they can go to on video or phone. They’re regulated by the provincial college of nurses or that health provider’s professional body. Anytime it gets to a place where you need an in-person visit, they’re going to automatically move you back to your family doctor.”

After winning his battle with cancer, Vince went on to play professional football for the Calgary Stampeders. He said – just as in football – to be good at healthcare you need to have a great team. To wrap-up, Vince spoke about his excitement to be at the forefront of the virtual healthcare revolution. 

“Canadians think right away ‘can you do that over video?’ But once you use the service, you’re blown away. Remember the days you went to Blockbuster to get your video, then suddenly one day, you can stream it in? It’s that same feeling … once you feel it, you’re like ‘wow’. The world needs this and we’re happy to be a company bringing it to Canada.”

Want to hear Vince’s segment in full? You can watch a clip of the segment on YouTube or listen to the full segment on SoundCloud.

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