Wello National Employee Survey Findings

Health & Wellness Survey of Canadian Employees Shows Virtual Healthcare Can Help Reduce Absenteeism & Provide Return on Investment

A new national survey[1] of 1,500 Canadian workers reveals that a large majority of employees have taken time off work to go to a medical clinic when these visits could better be handled through virtual healthcare—care delivered through video and phone visits or through secure webchat.

The survey was conducted for Wello, a provider of virtual healthcare, by Hill+Knowlton Strategies research group in July 2018. The survey includes a random sample of 1,500 employees, with results weighted to be representative of the Canadian workforce.[2]

Absenteeism Impacts of Visits to a Medical Clinic
3-in-4 employees have taken time off work for an in-person visit to a clinic. When that time is added up, 39% have taken a combined 2-6+ days off work just for in-person visits to a clinic.

On top of time off work for their own in-person visits, employees with families also have to take time off work to take their children to a clinic.

Virtual Healthcare Helps Reduce Absenteeism – And Employees Want It
Virtual healthcare is a convenient way for people to get the healthcare they need to get well when they’re sick and to keep well over the long term. While many other jurisdictions have embraced virtual healthcare for its convenience and time savings, Canada has not caught up. But Wello’s national study of Canadian employees shows that employees would like to use virtual healthcare visits for some of their most frequent medical needs. 

Current Use of Virtual Healthcare Hasn’t Caught Up with Demand

  Have you used these technologies to manage your health?


Use of virtual healthcare is limited in Canada, but a large majority of Canadian employees would use virtual healthcare services for common healthcare needs.

   In which of these cases would you be willing to use virtual healthcare?


Given Canadian employees’ overwhelming interest in virtual healthcare, it’s clearly a service whose time has come. And employers stand to gain by including virtual healthcare in the health benefits packages they provide for employees, achieving savings by reducing absenteeism and improving the health of their employees.

Impact of Health, Wellness and Stress on Performance at Work
Employees are keenly aware of the impact that health issues, lack of wellness, and even stress can have on their performance at work. 89% of employees agreed that employees who feel healthy are more productive at work. Only 3-in-10 employees said their health doesn’t take a back seat to their obligations at work and at home, showing that we have more work to do to keep employees healthy and productive.

Potential Impact on Employee Recruitment and Retention
For so many companies, their best asset is their talent. In a highly competitive talent market, offering innovative health benefits gives companies an added incentive to include as part of their recruitment and retention efforts. Wello’s national survey backs that up:

  • 74% of Canadian employees said that better health benefits are as important or more important than a higher wage or salary.

The survey shows that better health benefits play an important role in employees’ decision-making, impacting talent recruitment and retention.

Taken together, the results from Wello’s national survey of Canadian employees show that—in employees’ own words—when they feel healthier, they are more productive at work.

Virtual healthcare services like Wello are an innovative way to help employees get well when they’re sick and keep well over the long term.

And the vast majority of employees are interested in using virtual healthcare services for many common healthcare needs that might otherwise require them to take substantial time off from work to visit a medical clinic—needs such as getting a prescription or a specialist referral. That time adds up, demonstrating a clear return on investment for employers who embrace innovative benefits like virtual healthcare.


About Wello
Wello is a provider of anytime, anywhere virtual healthcare services delivered by its expert team of nurse practitioners. Wello services are available through phone and video visits as well as secure webchat. Backed by a 40-year history of providing high-quality healthcare through its parent company, Calgary-based INLIV, Wello can be offered as part of a company’s health benefits for its employees, as well as through individual and family plans available at wello.ca.

Media contact:
Gabe De Roche
Hill+Knowlton Strategies

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[1]Workplace Health & Wellness: A Survey of Canadian Workers, 2018: Hill+Knowlton Strategies research group for Wello

[2]Survey Methodology: This research consisted of an online survey with a random sample of 1,500 employed Canadians. The sample was drawn from the largest Canadian-owned panel in the country. Because the sample is based on those who initially self-selected to participate in a survey panel rather than a probability sample, no estimates of sampling error can be calculated. A probability sample of equivalent size would be subject to a margin of error of ± 2.5 per cent.