Wello: Provider of Anytime, Anywhere Virtual Healthcare Services

Wello is a provider of virtual healthcare services, helping people get well when they’re sick and keep well over the long term. People can access Wello’s easy and convenient healthcare services through phone and video visits. This saves individuals and their families time and stress by avoiding unnecessary visits to a medical clinic.

Wello’s team of expert nurse practitioners provide high-quality primary healthcare services including diagnosing and treating medical conditions, and they can even provide prescriptions or refer patients to specialists when medically necessary.

Employers can include Wello in their employees’ health benefits plans and through personalized benefits plans such as health spending accounts (HSAs). Individuals and families can also subscribe to Wello at www.wello.ca.

A 100% Canadian company headquartered in Calgary and with an office in Toronto, Wello provides virtual healthcare services for Canadians in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada.

Canadians are Ready for Virtual Healthcare
Wello’s virtual healthcare services are delivered by video and phone visits. Services can be accessed anywhere through Wello’s online portal or by mobile phone.

Over the course of their 40-year history through Wello’s parent company INLIV, Wello’s expert medical team have found that many in-person visits can be handled through virtual healthcare, providing patients with an easy and convenient way to access healthcare services.

Jurisdictions similar to Canada have embraced virtual healthcare, but Canada lags behind. In a recent nationwide survey of Canadian employees, Wello found that only 7% of Canadians frequently use virtual healthcare services such as phone calls with a healthcare provider.[1]

Canadian employees, however, are eager to use virtual healthcare services. The same survey found that as many as 87% of employees would be willing to use virtual healthcare for common medical services such as getting a prescription—a service that can require a time-consuming in-person visit to a clinic, leading to time off work or away from home.

Return on Investment for Employers
Employers who include Wello as part of their health benefits plans can achieve a strong return on investment by reducing absenteeism and improving the health of their employees.

73% of employees report taking time off work to go to a medical clinic—and many of those visits could be appropriately handled through virtual healthcare. When that time is added up over the course of the year, 29% of employees report taking a combined 2-5 days off work to go to a medical clinic, and 10% report taking 6+ days off work.

By providing employees with the benefit of virtual healthcare, employers can reduce absenteeism and help the bottom line.

Healthier employees are also more productive employees. 65% of Canadian employees agree that they would be more productive at work if they felt healthier. Wello’s virtual healthcare services not only help people get well when they’re sick, it helps them get better more quickly with sustained follow-up care, and then helps them keep well over the long term through advice and coaching on wellness and on illness prevention.

Employers can also see a return on investment through improved recruitment and retention of the best talent. In a competitive talent market, innovative health benefits offer employees an additional incentive for recruitment and retention. In fact, 74% of Canadian employees report that better health benefits are as important or more important than a higher salary or wage.

Wello Services
Wello’s expert team of nurse practitioners help people get well when they’re sick and keep well over the long term. Some of these services include:

Get Well services:

  • Treatment for illnesses like infections, rashes, colds and flu
  • Urgent care issues and injuries
  • Acute and chronic conditions
  • Prescriptions, referrals and lab tests when medically necessary
  • and more…
  Keep Well services:

  • Health advice and coaching
  • Follow-up care
  • Mental health advice
  • Disease prevention
  • Prenatal, child and teen health
  • and more…



Wello’s Nurse Practitioners
Wello’s Nurse Practitioners can diagnose and treat conditions, and even write prescriptions and make specialist referrals when medically necessary. They can also help people keep well over the long term by providing personalized follow-up care, wellness advice and coaching, and mental health advice.

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses (RNs) who receive additional advanced university education alongside clinical practice experience and who provide a wide range of healthcare services in Canada. They are professionally regulated with a scope of practice that includes primary care services.

Wello’s President and CEO:

Vince Danielsen, President and Chief Executive Officer

After a degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, 8 years as a Calgary Stampeder (including two Grey Cups), and a hard-won battle against cancer, Vince is no stranger to the medical sciences or the Canadian healthcare system—or to the impact that the proper care team can have on someone. After leaving the world of football behind, he turned to his true passion and became a healthcare entrepreneur. Vince’s focus has been on the future of health service delivery, and he has helped build healthcare offerings in the US and Canada in the areas of primary medicine, medical assessments, fitness, cosmetics, and rehabilitation.

Wello’s leadership team builds on 40 years of experience providing high-quality healthcare through Wello’s parent company, INLIV.

Click here for a complete list of Wello’s leadership team.

INLIV brings 40 years of excellence providing award-winning, premium medical and corporate health services to individuals and corporations through its Calgary-based medical facility and innovation lab. INLIV’s diverse professional team strives to create compassionate and highly customized experiences that inspire truly amazing, fulfilling and healthy lives.


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[1] All data: Workplace Health & Wellness: A Survey of Canadian Workers, 2018: Hill+Knowlton Strategies research group for Wello.