Say Hello to Wello! Meet our Ontario virtual healthcare team
Ontario businesses: are your employees working in remote locations with little access to healthcare services? Looking to add mental health advice to your employee benefits plans? Get your phones and laptops ready, Wello’s Ontario virtual healthcare service has arrived! Our wonderful nurse practitioners – Aimee, Donna, and Sarah – are here to help you and your team with all your health and wellness needs.  We caught up with the team to talk about why they’re excited to bring Wello to Ontario.

Aimee Boutin brings more than a decade of healthcare experience to Wello’s Ontario virtual healthcare, including four years as a nurse practitioner. As a nursing undergraduate, she learned about the role of nurse practitioner and knew it was something she wanted to pursue.

“I was drawn to the advanced practice, enhanced knowledge base, and increased independence and responsibility”.

After completing her Masters’ of Nursing through the University of Saskatchewan, Aimee worked in primary care for family, senior’s health, executive health, and clinical research. When she heard about Wello, she was excited for the opportunity to use her skills in a niche and technologically advanced way.

As a nurse practitioner, Aimee has worked with many vulnerable people and situations. Through Wello’s virtual healthcare model, she can overcome the barrier of distance and help people who might otherwise miss out on quality care.

“I’m a strong advocate for improving healthcare accessibility to our populations. Wello provides a great mechanism to do that. In virtual healthcare, we can’t physically assess the client so we rely strongly on their clinical history and our assessment skills to provide them with evidence-based care … we are meeting people’s needs in an innovative and relevant way.”

Aimee is excited and grateful to be working with people who share her passion for making a difference in Canada’s healthcare system. When asked what she likes best about working with Wello, Aimee doesn’t hesitate:

“When I started working for Wello, I realized it is a passionate, values-based, and inclusive company”.  

Aimee’s advice to her patient to live a well-balanced life. The same advice she would prescribe to herself!

“Working in healthcare for more than 10 years, I’ve seen that most illness states are related to ‘excess’: too much stress, food, or alcohol, or too much sitting around or high-risk behaviours. Or it could be the polar opposite, where ‘lack of’ becomes the issue. You could be lacking clean, safe housing, or healthy support systems. Aim to live a life of balance and moderation, and it will be good for you mentally and physically.”

Donna Bowen lives in Barrie, Ontario with her family. She’s a family nurse practitioner, licensed to practice in Ontario and is board certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Donna started her nursing career in 2002 and is passionate about helping busy families access healthcare through virtual healthcare.  She brings a broad knowledge base having worked in hospitals, urgent care clinics, and public health. She has a special interest in Addiction Medicine and is a strong advocate for holistic and preventative care. After seeing how nurse practitioners were filling the gaps in patient care, she decided to become one herself!

I admired their approach and witnessed how patients benefitted from their comprehensive care. This is what inspired me to become a nurse practitioner.”

And in spring of this year, she brought her fantastic skills and training to Wello’s Ontario virtual healthcare team.

I was happy to join Wello because of their focus on illness prevention and health maintenance.  I also find Wello’s platform refreshing, because it means families can access healthcare providers with little disruption to their daily lives.”

Donna said she loves working alongside her passionate Wello colleagues.

“Everyone is always helpful, positive and full of energy. The environment at Wello is encouraging and compassionate which overflows into practice with clients.”

She’s looking forward to supporting more families and employees across Ontario, bringing her specialty training in primary healthcare and addictions.

“I enjoy working with people of all ages because I get to see children grow, adults enter parenthood and older adults age well. I also work closely with clients who have addictions and support them with their health needs.”

Donna’s main piece of health advice is to “do the best you can with what you have: eat well, play well, work well and sleep well,” and says she loves that there’s no “typical” day at her work.

Sarah McFarland is an Ontario local. She worked as a medical researcher and intensive care nurse before deciding to grow her skills as a nurse practitioner.

“I was drawn to a profession with human interaction, compassion and communication, where you can truly help others.”

Wello appealed to her because of how it harnesses innovative technology and the skills of nurse practitioners. She says the fantastic team she works with are a big bonus of the job.

“Everyone is so supportive, communicative, intelligent and positive!  I also love how Wello uses technology to bring effective, relevant care to people across Canada.”

Sarah says one of the biggest challenges she faces is explaining the role of a nurse practitioner to her patients.

“Although it is not a new role in Canada, many people are unsure of what a  nurse practitioner does.  I find myself sometimes having to explain my role and how I can help.”

With experience across a wide range of fields, from critical care to family and community medicine to epilepsy, headaches, and concussions, Sarah is passionate about supporting patients on their health and wellness journey. She says diet and exercise are absolutely key.

“As a society we are eating too much while being too sedentary, resulting in an explosion of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and all of the downstream consequences of these conditions.” 


Are your employees ready for personalized healthcare on demand? 

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