Ontario Virtual Healthcare:

The Wello team is pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our service beyond Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and have officially launched our service in Ontario. We’re pleased to welcome our Ontario nurse practitioners, Aimee, Donna and Sarah. They bring deep medical and clinical experience in the areas of:

  • primary care
  • family practice
  • senior’s health
  • executive healthcare
  • clinical research
  • brain science
  • addictions

“Welcoming aboard our Ontario team marks a significant milestone in our journey to making Wello available to Canadians nationally.” – Vince Danielson, CEO

Say Hello to Wello

The name Wello comes from a blend of the words “wellness” and “hello.” It highlights our goal of promoting healthy lifestyles and creating a highly personalized healthcare service for individuals, families, and businesses. 

From helping employees and their families with health issues like viruses, infections, fevers, and allergies to supporting them through life’s major health transitions, Wello is here to help.

“Life can be busy and stressful – most days we don’t have time for self-care. I think this service will make it easier for someone to access the care they need … in the moment they need it.” – Donna Bowen, Wello Nurse Practitioner.

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How We’re Different

While many companies share our vision, we are unique in our service delivery. Clients can access Wello through phone and video consultations, and our private health portal. Our team of nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat illnesses, manage acute or chronic conditions, order prescriptions, tests and referrals when medically appropriate, and can provide health advice on any range of topics to help you get well and keep well. And, we have a 24/7 on-call service when you need us. 

Our parent company, INLIV, has 40 years of experience delivering gold-standard corporate medical care. Our service is completely secure and confidential and is overseen by our medical director. With permission, we communicate with family doctors and other healthcare providers to offer seamless continuity of care.

Virtual healthcare as a corporate health benefit

Ontario businesses and their employees can now access our virtual healthcare service anytime, anywhere. Wello fits seamlessly into benefits plans and complements other workplace health and wellness programs. Show your employees that you support them by providing convenient access to medical care when they need it. Retain talent, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism today with Wello!

Want to know more? Read how Wello works as a corporate health benefit or register for a personal plan.

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