Wello – named after a combination of wellness and hello, showcases our dual goals of promoting healthy lifestyles and creating highly personalized health service for individuals and businesses.

Some features you’ll love about Wello include:

  • Nurse Practitioners: Wello Nurse Practitioners can diagnose and treat much of what a doctor can. They make ideal primary care providers because of their holistic approach, which emphasizes health education, mental health treatment, and preventive care. Upon the request of our clients, our dedicated team of Wello Nurse Practitioners can work with their family doctor to coordinate and analyze medical data and even review and support care plans.
  • Specialist Referrals: We’re connected to specialists from numerous fields, including dermatology and paediatricians to name just a few!
  • Video Visits: We can diagnose and develop a treatment plan using video visits. This means health advice and treatment from anywhere in the world for our Wello members – on your lunch break, from bed or from sunny Mexico!

From health issues and urgent care matters like colds, fevers, rashes, and allergies — to support you in the pursuit of greater well-being and care during life’s major health transitions (like prenatal advice and stress management) – we’re here to help.

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