How Wello works with your family doctor

One of the most common questions we get from new patients is, “what about my family doctor?” With your written permission, we work in conjunction with your family doctor and complement their services. This team-based approach allows us to share relevant information and collaborate on treatment, so we’re all working together to keep you well.

Our dedicated team of nurse practitioners will work with your family doctor to:

  • Coordinate and analyze your medical data like vaccines and test results in your electronic medical portal
  • Review and support your existing care plan
  • Provide ongoing health advice, like nutrition and mental health tips
  • Refill prescriptions

And if you don’t have a family doctor, rest assured our Wello Nurse Practitioners can deliver primary care. They’re available 24/7 for urgent care issues and can do so much of what a doctor can do, including referring to a specialist.

Our team-based model of care at Wello is simple. We communicate with your physician and other health providers to make sure we are all providing you with the highest quality care! Who doesn’t want a whole team of caring health experts looking after their needs?


Need to talk to a nurse practitioner?

Wello members can book an appointment by logging into our patient portal at, or emailing
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