Want to know more about Wello and how it brings great healthcare right into your home?

Take a listen to News Talk 770 Talk to the Experts Feature below. Wello founder Vince Danielsen and Wello Nurse Practitioner Julie Bakko chat to Whitney Dean about Calgary’s first video medical delivery service.


Here are a couple of feature highlights:

Vince speaks about the Wello philosophy, saying:

“We bring primary care into your home, over the phone … We’re 24-7. It’s great care but the key is, it’s convenient.”

How Wello uses technology to make healthcare more accessible and convenient – and to empower patients:

“The first area is access to your own medical records. Wello has its own client portal, so with a password, you can actually access your own medical information and that of your children”

“The second is the use of video. We all know Skype and Facetime and how easy that technology is it to use. It’s very similar with Wello. You’re able to come onto a video with a nurse practitioner and they’re able to see you and look at problems, like skin conditions”

“Third, everything is moving to your mobile phone. With Wello, you’re actually able to go to an app on your phone and quickly book a consultation”

Julie describes examples of the conditions and treatment options Wello Nurse Practitioners handle on a daily basis:

“We offer post hospital and surgical care, for example. We have a client who suffers from dementia who unfortunately had a postoperative complication, one of our nurse practitioners was able to identify his deteriorating state”

“Prenatal care and fertility advice, we have a patient who is a newly pregnant mom… her obstetrician takes over at 18-22 weeks, in the mean-time we are overseeing her prenatal care” 

To finish off the feature, we hear a story about how families work with Wello:

“I know of a family, for instance, they had to travel with their two kids to Mexico and the night before they were leaving one of their kids got really sick and they were going to shut down their whole trip. What they were able to do very quickly is bring the nurse practitioners in on video and they could check them out right away and they said you are okay and you can go on your trip. We can deliver the service to Alberta residents outside of the province, when they are in Mexico [Wello Nurse Practitioners] were able to help them” 

Want to know more?

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