Prescription refill

Refilling your Prescriptions

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One of the many ways we work with your healthcare providers is through free prescriptions refills and with a great deal of convenience and organization.

Our Wello Nurse Practitioners can do much of what a doctor does through our in-home and video appointments. At Wello we are thrilled to also be able to work with your physician or existing health care providers (at your request and when appropriate*) through prescription refills with a great deal of convenience and organization.

Here’s how it all works…

Step 1
If you are nearing the end of a prescription, simply call on (403) 648-2150 or send an email to to request a refill.

Step 2
A Wello Nurse Practitioner will then review your medical history and medication records. Depending on the particular medication you need, they may be in touch to ask you a few questions. At Wello, we want to ensure we are providing the best possible treatment for your health issue – that’s why we always follow safe prescribing practices.

Step 3
Once your medication is determined, a Wello Nurse Practitioner will send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

Step 4
We may also be able to arrange with certain pharmacies to have your medications delivered. Let us know if this is a service that interests you.

The Wello difference
At Wello, we’re here for you – to provide you with continuous, personalized care. If you or your pharmacist has any concerns about your prescription, please contact us right away.

About Wello
Wello is a mobile team of nurse practitioners and care coordinators who are dedicated to bringing the best, tailored health care to you and your family.

Not yet a member and want to know more?
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*Note – in some cases, there are times when a prescription refill may not be given as there needs to be a follow-up exam or lab test or it is not appropriate for a substitute provider to be refilling that medication that was prescribed by another practitioner.