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Video Visits: How Do They Work?

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At Wello, our video visits are actually very similar to a face-to-face appointment.

The first step in any Wello video appointment is observation. Our Nurse Practitioners observe a few of the following things when determining our clients’ health needs: facial expressions, movement, and skin colour. Some examples of the questions our Wello Nurse Practitioners will go through include: is there any grimacing with movement? is the skin pale or jaundiced? are lips or fingernails a bluish discoloration?

Next, our Wello Nurse Practitioners will ask clients to point out where their  symptoms are originating. It’s really a team effort! For example, if an individual has pain in their chest, the client will be asked to point at the source of the pain. If they demonstrate that the pain is all over the chest, up into the neck and down the arm, this could be suspicious for cardiac-related pain and a 9-1-1 call would be recommended.

Additional factors a Wello Nurse Practitioner considers during a video visit, include:

  • Timing of symptoms: ie. Before/after eating, when laying down, when exerting oneself, etc.
  • Relieving factors: What medication(s) help, what other treatments have been trialled that brought relief, duration of symptoms – hours, days, weeks?
  • Quality and severity of symptoms: ie. Stabbing, radiating, dull, etc.

You might be surprised to know that even before our Wello Nurse Practitioners use their stethoscope, they already have a pretty good idea of what might be ailing the client! In addition to observation and client descriptions of their pain, during a video visit our Wello Nurse Practitioners ask questions about family history, other chronic conditions the patient may have, current and past medications, past surgeries, and allergies – all to develop a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

Observation, thorough history, and assistance from the client, along with lab work and imaging (if needed) will cultivate a diagnosis and treatment plan in the majority of cases (70-90%), without the Nurse Practitioner being there in person! In rare circumstances when a diagnosis is unclear, our Nurse Practitioners will suggest an alternative option, such as a Wello home visit.

How Can You Schedule a Video Visit?

  1. Just Register at to request a video appointment. You can also call 403-648-2120 or email
  2. You will then be sent an email confirmation with appointment details: date, time and link to the video site.
  3. Once at the video site, you will be prompted to indicate your reason for the visit.
  4. At the time of your visit, our Wello Nurse Practitioner will ‘meet’ you online, it’s that simple!

Need more information, or still unsure?

Look through our website at for plenty of resources about Wello and our video visits.

Welcome to the future of personalized healthcare!